4 Tips for Cooking the Perfect Tender Fajita Meat

Fajitas are always a crowd-pleaser when it comes time to eat. The combination of meat and vegetables with the right seasoning can make anyone’s mouth water. One important part about the meat in a fajita is that it should be easy to eat; dry or chewy meat in your fajita can completely ruin the experience. To help you avoid this, here are a few tips for cooking the perfect tender fajita meat that should make your next attempt a massive success

Choose the Right Meat

You have a wide range of options when it comes to meat for a fajita dinner. Chicken, shrimp, steak—any of them can become a delicious fajita with the right preparation. Even so, there’s nothing quite like a juicy skirt steak for this dish. Skirt steak is one of the more traditional protein options for fajitas, but for a good reason. It has a deep, meaty flavor that pairs well with the marinades that you traditionally see in fajitas, and its structure is perfect for absorbing that marinade.

Marinade Thoroughly

Marinating your meat before it hits the heat is essential if you want the right texture. One of the best tips for cooking perfect fajita meat is to make sure that your marinade has the right amount of acid in it. Acidic components in a marinade break down the unpleasantly chewy connective tissue inside the meat. Be careful, though; too much acidity in your marinade can make your meat mushy and unappetizing.

Cook for the Correct Amount of Time

Depending on your protein, you want to make sure you’re cooking it for the right length of time. If we assume you’re going traditional with a skirt steak, you want to cook it on a very hot grill until it reaches an internal temperature somewhere around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This preparation method will create that deliciously crisp exterior and ensure that the meat isn’t too rare, which can make it chewier than you want.

Carve or Slice Thin

You usually serve fajita meat already sliced so that you can put it right onto a tortilla with no extra effort. Avoid keeping your protein in large chunks, as that can make it more difficult to eat. For a traditional skirt steak, you can further tenderize the meat by carving it, slicing the meat thin and against the natural grain of the steak to prevent it from being chewy.

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