Boiling Crawfish for Beginners: What You Need To Know

If you’ve never been to a crawfish boil before, they can sometimes seem a little overwhelming for newcomers. You find out pretty quickly how fun they can be once it’s time to serve the food, though. If setting up your own crawfish boil sounds like something you want to tackle, just know that there’s no one perfect way to boil crawfish. Everyone has a different method, but we’ll show you what you need to know as a beginner boiling crawfish so that you can make a truly memorable feast.

Prepare the Right Tools

You’re going to need a few pieces of specialty equipment for a proper crawfish boil. The most important items you’ll need are:

  • A large boiling pot with a lid
  • A wire basket insert for that boiling pot
  • An outdoor propane cooker
  • A few large ice chests or plastic tubs
  • A long, wooden stirring paddle

Without these tools, you’ll have a hard time starting up a true crawfish boil. Remember, the bigger the boiling pot, the more people you can invite to the boil!

Rinse Before Cooking

Crawfish aren’t exactly the cleanest of crustaceans. If you’re buying live crawfish, the supplier probably washed them already, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a few more extra rinses to shake off anything they might have missed. Keep rinsing your crawfish until the rinse water starts to look completely clear.

Season Water Heavily Before the Boil

Excellent crawfish depend on the seasonings you boil them with. For a traditional crawfish boil, you’ll want to find Cajun seasoning for sale, and you’ll want a lot of it. Williams Food Co. has you covered in that area. Make sure you add your seasoning to the water before you start to boil it; that way, you’ll throw the crawfish straight into pre-seasoned water, and it’ll infuse the seasonings’ flavors into them.

Watch Your Boil Times

Boiling crawfish can be a delicate process. If you boil your crawfish for too long, they will get mushy and unpleasant to eat. However, if you don’t boil them for long enough, they’ll be tough and chewy. The best way to make sure you’re cooking your crawfish correctly is to open one up every now and then to feel for the texture. If all your crawfish are the same size, they should all finish at the same time.

Taste As You Go

As a beginner crawfish boiler, you need to know how important it is to taste as you go. Tasting both the crawfish and the water itself can give you a good idea of what you need to add. Don’t be afraid to add in more seasoning if the flavor is weak; crawfish need a lot of seasoning to really soak it all up and taste their best.

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