Spice Organization: 4 Tips for Storing Your Seasoning

Every grill master knows that a well-seasoned piece of meat elevates any meal. Pairing flavors of meat and spices is the easiest way to cook quality food. However, a vast collection of herbs quickly clutters your kitchen, slowing down the cooking process and making your life more frustrating. Furthermore, poorly stashed spices may lose flavor over time. To ensure your next cookout is a raving success, you should check out these four spice organization tips for storing your seasoning.

Simplify Your Storage Method

The key to preparing a quality piece of meat is precise cooking. And that requires attention to detail and overall efficiency. You want your spices in easy-to-reach locations to cut down on the time you spend searching for the perfect seasoning.

Consider implementing a spice rack in your pantry or cabinets – some shelves have built-in lazy Susans that make finding the right spice far easier. Most importantly, you should store all your spices together to ensure you won’t ever struggle to locate them.

Use Spices Before It’s Too Late

All kinds of food products have an expiration date that tells you when those items are less fresh or potentially harmful. For spices, an expiration date indicates when seasoning is less robust. The best way to ensure your herbs remain delicious is to always use them before they go bad.

The shelf life for most spices, such as mesquite dry rub seasonings, is around one to two years. Check your spice rack every three months, ensuring you never let another bottle of seasoning expire ever again.

Keep Dry Spices Safe

A dry herb seasoning is perfect for delicious dry-rub meals, but these spices are susceptible to losing flavor over time. The most significant cause for bland spices is exposure to heat, humidity, and excessive light. To counteract this, always store your dry seasoning in dry, dark areas.

Avoid keeping these spices out on the counter or patio table for too long by cleaning up immediately after cooking. This is a simple yet crucial tip for maintaining the robust flavor of your favorite dry seasonings.

Utilize Reusable Containers

Most spices come in small plastic bottles that easily fit on a rack or drawer. While these containers do an okay job protecting your herbs, a better storage method is placing seasoning in reusable glass jars. If you have the space, these containers effectively hold spices, especially in large quantities.

Furthermore, glass jars are more airtight than plastic bottles. Exposure to air quickly drys outs seasoning and reduces its flavor and zest. Additionally, this storage process is environmentally friendly!

With these four tips for storing your seasoning, you can confidently cook delicious meals perfect for your friends and family. Ultimately, a good quality spice will always last longer and taste better in the short term and long run. Williams Food Co. offers the best, most flavorful, and robust seasonings that are sure to elevate your grilling experience.

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