4 Tips for Cooking Sausage to Perfection at Home

Sausage is the perfect meat option for any great meal, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just a midday snack. Sausage makes a delicious dish, but many misconceptions surround proper preparation. For your grilling convenience, check out these four tips for cooking sausage to perfection at home.

Proper Prep

Before your sausage ever hits the grill, stovetop, or pot, you must properly prep it for cooking. Rushing the process will lead to a dry, less-tasty dish and disappointed bellies around the table. First and foremost, allow your sausage to reach room temperature before you cook it—this keeps the robust juice inside the links. Additionally, it ensures that the skin doesn’t break or tear during cooking. Meat takes around 20 minutes to reach room temperature, so give your sausage adequate time to rest beforehand.

Cook Low and Slow

The “low and slow” grilling or stovetop method is tried and true, and it’s the best way to ensure juicy meat. When cooked with too much heat, sausage tends to burn on the outside while remaining raw on the inside. The result is a charred link that no one wants to touch. Stick to grills, pots, or pans when preparing sausage, as ovens and deep-fryers can quickly overcook the meat. Furthermore, always use medium heat or flame to ensure absolute perfection.

Mix In Some Fat

Here’s a pro tip for any meat-making enthusiast: spooning in a bit of fat improves the texture and taste of sausage. Different animal fats, such as goose fat, give a rich flavor to your meat. Sunflower and peanut oil also spice up any sausage meal quite nicely. Remember to cook with caution when you’re dealing with oils and fats, only using a small amount at a time.

Let Them Rest

Before you dig into your sausage masterpiece, you must practice a little patience. Allowing your meat to rest right after cooking it will keep your dish tender, juicy, and absolutely delicious. Let the sausage rest for around 5 to 10 minutes while ensuring the meat doesn’t get too cold. Avoid poking or prodding the sausage, as this will quickly drain all the juices from the links.

With these four tips for cooking sausage to perfection at home, you can confidently satisfy the entire table. When it comes to good ol’ links, the possibilities are endless—consider our breakfast sausage seasoning for sale for your next early-morning family meal. Williams Food Co. provides premium seasonings, spices, and other helpful items that will ensure your next home meal is a smashing success.

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