Tips & Grilling Secrets for Backyard Grilling

Whether you’ve been grilling the same way for years or you just recently moved somewhere that finally has a big enough yard for a grill, there’s always something more to learn about perfecting your food. While grilling is hardly an exact science, there are some things that people do regularly that negatively affect their grill items. We have a few tips and grilling secrets for backyard grilling that will help you get the best results whenever you fire up the coals.

Get Your Grill Preheating

You never want to put your food on a grill that’s in the process of heating up. Take around ten minutes to let your grill warm up and loosen any grease that may still be on the grates. Cleaning your grill while it’s hot is a better way to ensure there isn’t any leftover residue that could impact the food you’re about to cook. For a good sear, you want your grill to be as hot as you can get it before your meat hits it.

Avoid the Lighter Fluid

We understand the appeal of lighter fluid, but the downsides outweigh the benefits in most cases. You don’t have to be a grill expert to know that burning chemicals into your food isn’t the best idea. A better alternative would be something like a chimney starter to get your coals going. If you’ve only used lighter fluid before, you might be surprised at the taste improvements you see without it.

Balance Direct and Indirect Heat

One of the best grilling secrets for better backyard grilling is understanding when to use direct versus indirect heat. Using direct heat means that you put the food over the hottest part of the grill. It’s most useful for getting that initial sear on your food and cooking smaller items you know will finish quickly. Indirect heat is better for the low and slow method, which gives better results with larger pieces of meat and anything with bones.

Season Before Grilling

Many amateur grillers believe that you can do all your seasoning when the meat is on the grill, but this won’t give you the best results. Seasoning before you start to put food on the grill will make a huge difference. This is especially true for meat that you marinade or use a dry rub on. Seasoning the food before you start up the grill will help you get the most flavor out of your food with the least amount of effort.

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